There are often many references made to kind people for being angels, but there is also another reference made, but this time it is towards dogs. Dogs are of all sizes, shapes and breeds that have performed extraordinary acts of bravery and kindness. Most often, this is towards their owners, but not always as they often form a bond among themselves. This site covers just a few of the many, many stories about the canines who have done something out of the ordinary.

Almost any dog owner who cherishes their canine friend will have their own stories to share with anyone who is willing to listen. When hearing these stories, they are almost always able to amaze people, because most of them revolve around the love and dedication that these pets show as well as their uncanny intelligence.

This Almost an Angel site is dedicated not only to the dogs that have been mentioned here with their astounding stories, but to the dogs worldwide that go beyond what you would consider as normal love. They are truly extraordinary animals that people have often taken for granted.

The stories that you will find here are heartwarming and some will make you smile while others may cause you to shed a tear or two. Some have happy endings while others do not. What you must understand is that the stories that are found here are just an example of what canine friends are capable of. While others may not consider your dog special, there is no doubt that you do, and hopefully, you will find the stories inspirational.