The Tale of the Homeless

homeless-man-and-a-homeless-dogWhile there are many dog stories that are touching, perhaps one of the most inspiring has got to be the one about a homeless man and a homeless dog. This is a story that was reiterated by a couple that was sitting out in front of a store and happened to notice a homeless man in front of the store on a very cold day.

It appeared as though the man had gotten himself a cup of coffee, and all indications by the way that this individual was dressed and appeared were that he most likely could not afford much else, for example something to eat.

As the couple sat there, they noticed what appeared to be a stray dog that came there in front of the store as well. This dog was a female as it was quite evident that she had delivered pups that she was feeding. The breed seemed to be half wolf and part German Shepherd, and it only took one glance to see that this new canine mom was in very poor shape and it was in dire need of a meal.

Nobody seemed to pay much attention to this dog except for one person which happened to be the homeless man. He went back into the store and came out with some dog food to feed the dog.

This really struck a chord with the couple that had been watching the homeless man and were feeling so compassionate towards the homeless man, and saw how he who had nothing was prepared to give whatever he could to this animal that was in need.

What made this story even more touching is the fact that it was the Mother’s day weekend, and it really brought home the thought that it’s not just humans that are parents but animals as well. It is a very good example of the fact that we are all God’s creatures, and we all deserve the best in life, and it is a lesson that was well taught by a man that had nothing to win or lose.