The Power of Love

the-power-of-loveUsually when it comes to love and pet owners, it is usually a two-way affair. This love can be a very powerful thing between the two. A prime example of this is the story of Tim Tebow and his dog Otis.

While Otis was always the one for staying around the house, it was noticed that on one particular day that Otis was nowhere to be found and this caused concern to the family as Otis hadn’t been seen all weekend. Tim decided to go looking for Otis and drove around waiting to hear or see Otis come bounding back to him. This didn’t happen but Tim eventually saw Otis under some underbrush and although Otis popped up his head, he didn’t run out to greet Tim.

Tim immediately knew that something was wrong and as he got closer to Otis, he noticed that Otis was gravely injured and appeared to have been badly beaten. Tim gathered Otis up and took him to the vet but Otis was so badly injured that the vet said that the dog would not survive.

With a broken heart, Tim took Otis back home to pass away in the comfort of his own home. It would seem however that this was not something that Otis was planning on doing. For the next few days, Tim would carefully carry Otis out to the family swimming pool and rest him in the water with himself. This went on for a couple of weeks and Otis started to move his back legs and as time progressed his range of motion became much stronger.

There is no doubt that the love that Tim had for Otis and likewise Otis for Tim was the biggest factor here that allowed Otis to go on to live for many more years to the great pleasure of Tim.