The Owners Rescue

og-was-able-to-lead-a-rescue-crewAn elderly couple who had the habit of looking after rescue dogs for many years ventured out in a violent snowstorm to one of the outbuildings on their land. When doing so, several trees collapsed and trapped them in a narrow area between the two buildings. Neither of the couple was dressed accordingly for the weather and there was a very high risk that if help didn’t come soon that that they could freeze to death.

For 2 and 1/2 hours, they were huddled together to keep themselves warm. Shortly after this, one of their dogs spotted the trouble that the owners were in and began digging feverishly to create a narrow tunnel which it finally was able to do after two hours of digging. The tunnel was only about 20 feet long, but was enough for her get in to the stranded owners and lead them back to the safety of the house.

While this was no easy feat, the dog grabbed the female owner’s jacket and slowly guided her back through the tunnel which took nearly 2 hours of slow travel to do so. Even when back in the house, danger still persisted as the power and heat was lost due to the storm. Shana lied down next to her owners keeping them warm and keeping them alive throughout the evening.

Firefighters who finally arrived on the scene were absolutely astonished at the tunnel that had been dug out by the dog. While Shana was able to save her owners, it wasn’t without risk to herself as she had badly damaged her feet which took five months to heal as a result of the digging. Again an astounding story of just what our canine friends are capable of and one can never under estimate the power or the intelligence that many of them seem to possess.