The Lost Dog Hero

the-lost-dog-heroOne day, a lady who had found a lost dog that had been roaming around the neighborhood asked her neighbor to keep an eye on it for a short period of time, which the neighbor consented to do, but made it clear that it would only be for the day.

The neighbors did their best to try and find the owner of the dog by printing and distributing several thousand flyers. One neighbor went to the pet store to buy some pet supplies and made it clear to her children that the dog would not be staying. The lady that found the dog had a youngster that suffered from downs syndrome, he was 21 years of age.

The stray dog stayed with the lady and her family for several days even though she had made every effort to find the real owner. One day when returning home, the dog seemed to go crazy by flinging itself against the screen door and barking incessantly at her. When she opened the door, the dog bolted into the room where the young man with Downs syndrome was in the middle of a very severe seizure.

If the stray dog had not warned the lady about the boy’s condition, according to the doctors, there was a very strong chance that the young lad would have died.

Ironically, the owner of the dog contacted the lady the next day to pick up the dog. The lady was so distraught at having to give up the dog because it had just saved her son’s life that the original owner agreed to let her keep the dog.

This is just one of many examples of how a dog will make itself known. It is inspiring to see that the dog reacted as it did even though it had not been part of this family for a long period of time.