Sheba Says Goodbye

standoffish-cocker-spanielSheba was a cantankerous and very standoffish cocker spaniel who would only accept the love of her immediate family. This family was comprised of a few adults, some grandchildren, and a senior who was the great grandmother. Sheba and the senior were great friends although they did have their differences of opinion on occasion.

As time progressed, the senior was no longer able to remain in the home and had to go to a seniors home to receive the type of care that she needed. There was no doubt that Sheba missed her friend greatly, however, she did settle into the family home without the presence of her elder friend.

On occasion, the senior would come back and visit and this was much to the delight of Sheba who would hang out with her constantly during her time in the home. On one occasion, the older lady came back for a few days visit and a again Sheba made a big fuss of her.

During an afternoon while the lovable lady was lying on the couch, it were her last few moments here on earth. Sheba was by her side and as the senior began to grasp for air, this dog moved herself up as close to the woman’s mouth as she could and literally was trying to huff air into the woman.

The adults in the family who responded to this emergency were shocked at the way the dog was reacting, and it took a great deal of effort to remove the dog from this little old lady so the emergency personnel could respond to her.

For days following the death of this grand old woman, Sheba would lay on the last clothing that she wore and would not allow anybody to remove the clothing without the risk of being bitten. There is no doubt that if this lady could have chosen the way that she wanted to leave this earth with somebody by her side, it would’ve been her beloved family dog Sheba.