Paying it Forward Dog Sytle

rocky-was-a-dogRocky was a dog that had been shot with buckshot and left for dead, but he was taken into a rescue shelter and nurtured back to health. However, Rocky was so skittish that he was not adopted by any family. The only recourse the shelter had was to place him in a new program that was revolving around paring up prison inmates with homeless dogs to help both build their self-esteem once again.

Rocky did well in the program and eventually ended up being adopted by one of the prison employees. Rocky accompanied the husband of this employee out on a rock hunting adventure where the gentleman took sick with a heart condition that rendered him in and out of consciousness. While he tried to get his bearings and find his way back home, he was constantly getting confused. However, Rocky ensured that he followed him instead of relying on his own resources. As a result, Rocky was able to lead him back to the car where he was able to get the help that he needed.

This is just another prime example of how a dog when treated with love and kindness will pay it forward whenever they get the opportunity. While many of the circumstances of a dog being appreciative for the life they are being given is not as dynamic as this one, it does appear in some small degree into every dog and its owner.

Anyone that has owned a dog will have their own favorite stories to reiterate, and to the owner they mean the world to them. It’s also a great lesson to learn that these dogs that have been abused should never be given up on. As long as they’re drawing a breath, there is hope of integrating them into a family that is going to give them the love that they deserve.