Loyalty Beyond Words

loyalty-beyond-wordsThere isn’t anyone who will forget about the devastation that took place on September 11 when the World Trade Centre was attacked. While there are many who perished, there were some that lived to tell the story of the horror that took place.

Among the stories were many that concerned the bravery of men and women, but one story that stands out is about a dog named Dorado who was also caught up in this horrific event.

Dorado was a lab retriever that was owned by his blind owner as a seen and eye dog. When the tower was attacked, the owner released Dorado in the hopes that the dog would be able to find its way out and save his life with the owner knowing that his own chances were slim. Shortly after letting Dorado go, the dog rushed down the stairs with the many others who were fleeing.

But within a few minutes later, Dorado returned it to his owner who could feel nuzzle of the dog on his legs. There was no way that Dorado was going to leave his beloved owner and he along with a co-worker helped his owner climb down the 70 flights of stairs to safety. This flight took almost an hour and it wasn’t long after the escape of Dorado and his owner that the building collapsed.

There is no question that Dorado saved his beloved owner and there is no question that the dog took his job of protecting his blind owner seriously. This is definitely an act beyond the call of duty, and it is just another prime example of what these kind canines are capable of and the size of the heart that they possess when it comes to showing their love and loyalty.

Often seen and eye dogs are taken for granted and it is assumed that they are more intelligent, and this is what enhances their capabilities for doing the jobs that they are assigned to with their blind owners.