Acts of Love

og-was-able-to-lead-a-rescue-crewThere are countless stories that can be reiterated about how many dogs have gone beyond their traditional love in response to humans. The following are just a few examples of some astounding reactions that these canines have exhibited.

One dog was able to lead a rescue crew to a car accident that his owner had been involved in. Without the dog’s help, it would’ve been very difficult for the responders to be able to find the crash site. However, the end was not a happy one as the dog’s owner died at the scene of the accident.

There is a story of another dog that lost his master and was so distraught that he wouldn’t leave his master’s grave site, and has stayed by the grave for over six years. While the dog will periodically visit the family for a short period of time, it will always make sure that it returns to the grave site by night.

Another story of loyalty and the effects of the death of an owner can have on its dog was seen with the dog who attended church following the funeral that was held there of its owner. The dog returns to the church at the sound of the bells that gives the message that the services are starting.

There is no doubt that dogs have a loyalty among themselves as they do for many of their human owners. There was a dog in China who stood guard over his female companion for many hours after the dog had been struck and killed. Even though there was danger of the ongoing traffic, the dog would not leave his partner’s side. While both the dogs were considered stray, it showed that there was a strong bond between these two and on occasion, the dog would try and nuzzle the dead dog’s head in the hopes of getting the her to respond.