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3 Awesome Parks to Walk Your Dog In When In Edinburgh

All dog lovers want their pets to be happy. In Edinburgh, there are so many places where you can take your dog in order to make him happy. Here is a list of parks where you can easily go through with your dog, any time of day

The Owners Rescue

An elderly couple who had the habit of looking after rescue dogs for many years ventured out in a violent snowstorm to one of the outbuildings on their land. When doing so, several trees collapsed and trapped them in a narrow area between the two buildings. Neither

Acts of Love

There are countless stories that can be reiterated about how many dogs have gone beyond their traditional love in response to humans. The following are just a few examples of some astounding reactions that these canines have exhibited. One dog was able to lead a rescue crew

Loyalty Beyond Words

There isn’t anyone who will forget about the devastation that took place on September 11 when the World Trade Centre was attacked. While there are many who perished, there were some that lived to tell the story of the horror that took place. Among the stories were

Paying it Forward Dog Sytle

Rocky was a dog that had been shot with buckshot and left for dead, but he was taken into a rescue shelter and nurtured back to health. However, Rocky was so skittish that he was not adopted by any family. The only recourse the shelter had was

Sheba Says Goodbye

Sheba was a cantankerous and very standoffish cocker spaniel who would only accept the love of her immediate family. This family was comprised of a few adults, some grandchildren, and a senior who was the great grandmother. Sheba and the senior were great friends although they did

The Lost Dog Hero

One day, a lady who had found a lost dog that had been roaming around the neighborhood asked her neighbor to keep an eye on it for a short period of time, which the neighbor consented to do, but made it clear that it would only be

The Power of Love

Usually when it comes to love and pet owners, it is usually a two-way affair. This love can be a very powerful thing between the two. A prime example of this is the story of Tim Tebow and his dog Otis. While Otis was always the one

The Tale of the Homeless

While there are many dog stories that are touching, perhaps one of the most inspiring has got to be the one about a homeless man and a homeless dog. This is a story that was reiterated by a couple that was sitting out in front of a